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A little while ago I was up in Newcastle for the Summer Wine Brewery meet the Brewer event at The Free Trade Inn, (you can read all about it here). After an event free train ride up to Newcastle my first task was to find the Grainger Market which is only about 10 minutes or so walk from Newcastle Central Station.

I was very impressed. Inside the market there is a variety of fish mongers, butchers, delis, coffee shops but my main reason for visiting the market was to visit mmm… Newcastle, a shop specializing in local and organic produce from small independent producers across Britain.  I certainly wasn’t disappointed when I managed to find it, not that it was difficult to find. When entering the shop I was greeted by such an intensely fresh aroma from the spices cleverly located right by the entrance. The stock is impressive and I honestly could have spent a lot longer browsing the shelves, definitely well worth a visit if you are in the area.

There is obviously too many items to mention here individually but there was a range of bottle yourself olive oil from accross Europe and the Middle East, Dartmoor Chilli Farm, and Mr Vikkis products along with much, much more. The staff are also very friendly and attentive which my shopping experience a pleasure.

The Grainger Market is definitly worth visiting inparticular mmm… Newcastle.

I will be going back…

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