Red Squirrel IPA in the USA 5.4%

I found the website for the Red Squirrel Brewery a little while ago, but couldn’t follow it up and find any stockists that had any stock. Much to my dismay! So when AlesByMail announced, over their twitter feed, that they would soon be stocking Red Squirrel’s IPA in the USA it literally made my day!

I ordered 11 bottles in total along with a bottle of Moor Fusion, more on that beer later, as soon as it was available and as always with AlesByMail my order arrived swiftly and in perfect condition.

My first taste of this beer was at home in front of the old brain washing box and it was another one of my ‘WOW’ moments. I mean, I expected this beer to taste good but what the Red Squirrel Brewery have created is nothing short of exceptional. It matches Flying Dog’s Raging Bitch all the way for levels of flavour, but minus the elevated alcohol content it means you can still stand up after drinking a few! Which isn’t always a bad thing!

As you can see from the photo IPA in the USA is quite lively and has a lovely thick, dense creamy head, which develops peaks and troughs, almost like whisked egg whites. My other half even used the age old joke, ‘do you want a flake in that love.’ The colour is typical of American IPA’s a slightly cloudy, burnished orange.

The dense head releases a mass of floral and fruity aromas and at first taste there is a little caramel sweetness which blends easily into a huge crescendo of fruity, piney, hoppy goodness. The dryness and bitterness build with each mouthful, but never become unpleasent or overpowering.

This beer is a delight to drink and is ranked up there amongst my all time favourites. It’s that good I’ve actually bought another case.

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  1. TomEdenbrow says:

    My 2 penneth on the Red Squirrel IPA. (My score: 9/10)

    The nose is an explosion of Germanic and American hop. That really nice a-typical hoppy nose that you’d get, and indeed want from a classic west coast USA, or from a juicy/sour pilsner; here these 2 styles combine. A winning start. The liquid itself is so volatile it’s untrue, fizz everywhere, reacting (seemingly?) with your saliva, the edge of the glass, and just by moving the bottle in general once opened.

    Massive foamy head tastes great. It looks sculpted and crazy as it builds up during the pour. I’m not one for leaving the sediment at the bottom of a bottle (to be honest I usually forget to do this, but in this case I wasn’t expecting any!) and when it all goes in here, there’s bits of dark chafe sprinkling the top of the head, but like to a crazy extent. Random plumes of smoky, bellowing fizz rise through the glass. It’s on fire.

    Man it tastes so good. An aspect of its taste is Duvely, yet while keeping that characteristic of a strong light straw-coloured Belgium sup, that very same taste then fires into flavours of a darker beer. These darker flavours totally circumvent the typical flavour descriptions of chocolate and earth. I can’t nail a description, only that it’s beguiling.

    A third of the way into the glass, it’s going spicy and sour. Yet considering the lack of sweetness it still glides beautifully over the palette and down into the gut. Delicate grapefruit registers highly in the order of tastes on display, but it sort of doesn’t as well. This grapefruit frames the other tastes beautifully, coming in and out of play on the palette till the beer’s end.

    Red Squirrel IPA is Gratifying and reeks of modern craft. Such levels of quality concentrated tastes at 5.4%? This brewer’s the bomb.

    In my top 3 beers I’ve tasted. I ‘gush’ my praise upon this sup and implore you to buy some.

  2. David Lozman says:

    Great comment Tom. I’m glad you enjoyed it. It’s also one of my beers of the year. “This brewer’s the bomb.” I totally agree!

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