Brew Dog Aberdeen

I’ve finally managed to get a visit to the Brew Dog Aberdeen Bar and I must say I was suitably impressed. I was greeted by friendly, enthusiastic and knowledgeable staff and a great selection of beers. The exact number on tap escapes me right now, I need to get better at taking notes, but there was at least four specials on and five or maybe six of Brew Dog’s staple beers on tap. The specials included Drew Dog Santa Paws (a Brew Dog seasonal ale), Brew Dog Euro Trash (a variation of Trashy Blonde), there was also a Mikkeller and a Nogne O on tap also. Other beers available on tap, that I can remember, included Punk IPA, Hardcore IPA, Trashy Blonde, 5am Saint, Edge and possibly Zeitgeist.

I had difficulty in making my mind up on my first beer but in the end I settled on the Santa Paws. Lucky I did as it sold out that night. I was by no means disappointed; it tastes like Christmas in a glass! Mince pies and mulled spices were the main aromas and the flavours evident; cinnamon, cloves and star anise, a hint of orange and dried fruit like dates. Deceptively easy to drink when you considering the impressive alcohol content of 8.2%. I was that impressed with it I have nominated it for the Best British Draft Beer catagory for Andy & Marks Golden Pint Awards 2010. You can view the rest of my nominations here.

There was also a good range of bottles available to purchase and drink on or off the premises. Bottles were available by the following breweries; Three Floyds, De Struisse, De Dolle, Cantillon, Ale Smith, The Bruery, Lost Abbey, Port Brewing, Stone Brewing, Maui Brewing and a couple of collaborations. I ended up purchasing an Ale Smith Decadence Anniversary and a Bruery Cotton Anniversary 2010. The licensing laws meant I had to be off the premises by 10pm, several hours before closing time, if you wanted to take bottles away so I had to sink the rest of my drink sharp-ish, which did annoy me more than slightly but it’s not the bars fault, they don’t make laws only follow them.

I actually had to go back the following day to pick up some more bottles for a friend, I was obviously gutted about this……. If you believe that then you need to be sectioned. It would have been rude not to try some more of their draft beers. I only had 45minutes before I had to catch my train so I sampled a half a Hardcore (first time on draft), one of my favourite Brew Dog brews, and I actually thought it was better than the countless number of bottles of the stuff I’ve supped this year. I still had 30 minutes before my train was due so I decided on sampling a Mikkeller Beer Geek Breakfast, and incredibly dark beer laced with vast amounts of coffee, certainly not overpowering but nice and strong, just how I like my morning coffee.

Prices were quite expensive all the beers I drank were £2.50 a half pint, but to be honest they were all very strong, 7% plus, so drinking pints was out of the question for me anyway. The other draught beers are around £3.80 a pint, not cheap but not that far above Aberdeen’s average beer prices. Some of the larger bottles were actually very reasonably priced. The Ale Smith Decadence was at least £5 cheaper than I managed to find from a retailer online but the smaller bottles worked out to be quite expensive at £6 each.

I like the look and the feel of the place, the atmosphere was friendly and the beers are great, so if you’re visiting Aberdeen then make sure this is on your list of places to go for a drink.

And finally a big thanks to Bruce and Rebecca for their excellent and friendly service.


  1. Great stuff – I just booked my tickets to go and visit the brewery and bar in January and I can’t wait! The fridge list is amazing so I’ll need to hope santa brings a pile of cash for me to spend at the bar!

  2. I was very impressed, I just wish they’d opened it when I lived in Aberdeen. If you need any advice on places to eat etc for your trip I can give you some pointers.

  3. hi just like to thanx all the staff that made myself and my wife have a really good time in aberdeen at the weekend cant wait to return brew dog aberdeen your the future jimmy m

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